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Wifey Wednesday – Plans for the Future

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It’s Wifey Wednesday, but my mind is thinking it’s more like Wifey-Mother-Wedding-Photographer-with-a-FULL-TIME-OFFICE-JOB Wednesday. While I love being busy, these last few months, it’s gotten a little overwhelming.  This might be stating the obvious, but I’ve come to the realization that as your children get older, they actually need you MORE.  Maybe it’s the coming of the Terrible Threes, but our son went on a hiatus from sleeping for about a month and the struggle was real.  Even with 8 cups of coffee on board in a given day, I had reached a new level of exhaustion.  Add that into the busiest year I’ve had with my photography business (Yay!) while working a full time job, and I started to panic.

I’m all about making plans for the future and having a spreadsheet with precise financial steps all figured out. Want to buy a house?  Here’s a spreadsheet.  Want to buy a new car?  Here’s a spreadsheet.  And yes, should we have a second baby?  Here’s a spreadsheet.  (Yes, that’s for real.)  So, of course, there’s been a spreadsheet on when to quit my job and go full time with wedding photography.  Friends, let me tell you, this spreadsheet is scary.  The unknown, the fluctuation in business, it scares the crap out of me.  However, being a mommy, a good mommy, and thinking of the day when I’ll have the time I need to focus and grow my photography business more brings me peace, and darn if it doesn’t make me really, really happy.

So, I did it. I QUIT MY JOB.

Actually, it’s been about a week since I gave my notice.  So, the panic of “what did I just do?” has had a little time to set in. While I transition out of the office job, I am relieved that soon, I will be home to see Jordan on and off the school bus or to take Tristan to the park and have the patience needed to handle his Terrible Threes. I will actually have the time to proactively grow my business and work on the many ideas I’ve had for so long, but never had the time to do, and to still provide the level of customer service I have strived to offer when business was much slower.  Did I mention I will have time for sleep and exercise?  Oh the possibilities in life seem endless right now!  🙂 In my hearts of hearts, I know that I have to take this leap of faith for my family and for myself.  So, here’s to big sacrifices for big rewards!

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