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Wifey Wednesday – Our Weekend at Herrington on the Bay

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Every time this story comes up, I can’t help but crack up laughing and I’m hoping it’s not one of those stories where “I guess you had to be there”…

I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook posts that’s been shared a thousand times, where the husband videotapes his wife getting ready for work and then he surprises her with the news that they are going on vacation. She’s in so much shock she just keeps saying, “Really?  Are you kidding?”, again and again.  It gives you all the feels and makes you start to think how cool it would be if that happened to you or you did that for your spouse.  Well, THAT WAS US.  Just kidding!  However, it did give me this grand idea that I should surprise Justin with a vacation.  After all, I was working every weekend photographing weddings, and he had been stuck inside with our two very active children.  Of course, it was in the middle of wedding season.  So, I could only carve out a few consecutive days.  How sweet and romantic, right? 🙂

I needed to find a beach location with awesome amenities (i.e. pool bar), perfect for the adults, children and my wallet, all within a short driving distance. That’s when I remembered that my cousin was married at Herrington on the Bay and it was perfect for our mini vacation.  I booked the room, found a dog walker, packed our bags, invited another family and even brought Jordan (our oldest) in on the little secret.  Full disclosure, she is the worst at keeping secrets!  So, I threatened to leave her at Nanny’s if she spoiled the surprise.  Hey, it worked!

We woke up that morning with our plan to surprise Justin. As he loomed in the walk in closet looking for something to wear, I started videotaping Jordan dragging in her rolling suitcase.  It was my cue to ask, “Hey, where do you think you’re going?” and she responds, “Let’s go to the beach”.  Our cute little exchange was blatantly ignored and I exclaimed, “That sounds like a great idea!  Justin pack your bags.  We leave in a hour!”.  Can you see Jordan and my big huge, ear to ear grins right now?  Now, can you envision Justin looking at us perplexed and like we are full of shenanigans and random ideas?  He turns away looking back at his shirts, and I repeat myself excitedly, “We’re going to the beach!  Pack your bags!”.  His response, very calmly and adamantly…”no”.  Ummm…what?!  This is when the videotape slowly starts to point down toward the floor, and I start joking with him that he’s a jerk and he exclaims he hates the beach.  W…T…F… Is this for real?  This is NOT how it went down on the viral Facebook video!

Our neighbors were already packing their car to leave for Herrington. So, I text them that things aren’t looking so great.  Justin is being a baby and refusing to have fun.  😉 So, I finally give away a little part of the secret – that we have friends going with us.  That’s when he changes his tune.  Ummm…what am I, chopped liver?

The car is packed. The kids are buckled and then he refuses to let me drive.  (How can you drive there, mister, if you don’t know where “there” is?  Whatevs.  Drive.  I’ll be your human GPS and tell you turn by turn.  Seriously, this was not how I imagined it playing out.  I just wanted to drink margaritas, poolside, while my husband got a chance to relax and the kids could splash around. #makingmemories)

Once we finally arrived, it was exactly how I imagined it. We all had fun.  We swam, tried paddle boarding and kayaking, ate great food, listened to music, drank margaritas and made memories.  Good times…just tough crowd. 😉

Lesson learned – Don’t do nice things for your spouse. I kid!  I kid!  All joking aside, Herrington on the Bay isn’t just for weddings.  It’s pretty awesome for a quick little vacation, too.

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