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Wifey Wednesday – Cherishing Today

In the blink of an eye, our lives could be turned upside down.  This thought crosses my mind often.  I don’t know if that’s a negative way of thinking or the true meaning of appreciation, but it scares the absolute heck out of me.  I replay the cute conversations I recently had with Jordan and Tristan, how tight we squeezed each other with our last hugs and the harmless teasing I shared with Justin over dinner last night.  These are the kind of memories that get me through a rough day and remind me to be more intentional about the time I have with my loved ones.

Carla Lutz Photography Southern Maryland Wedding Photographer_0334Sometimes though, we get caught up in the day to day.  Shuffling from one errand to the next and rushing dinner and bedtime.  It really can be easy to lose sight of how precious our time is with each other.  As the marriage anniversaries come and go, we learn to perfect the division of who will cook dinner and who will do the dishes, or pay bills, or even who will plan the next date night.  Our bond strengthens as husband and wife, as we learn to communicate better and work through little arguments.  Then, in the middle of an ordinary day, we were shown exactly what it meant to live a marriage “for better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health”.

One day, as your partners’ other half, you might find yourself being there to simply remind the other to breathe when there’s such a loss, the pain takes their breath away.  In our home, in our marriage, Justin and I have been there.  We have taken turns listening, to be the shoulder to cry on, to carry the weight of the day to day, while the other, can wrap their mind around loss.  As the anniversary of his dad’s passing is upon us, I am reminded, that tomorrow is not a guarantee and that we need to cherish today.   The gift of love is precious and what truly matters the most in a life. I hope you’ll join me in cherishing this day and make some wonderful memories of your own.

Carla Lutz Photography Southern Maryland Wedding Photographer_0335Thank you to my sweet friend, Angela, from Powell Woulfe Photography, for the images shown.

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