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Weekend Randomness – Errands Make Me Happy

If you tried to reach me over the long Easter break, you probably received my out of office email notification.  It’s not something I do often, but this holiday break was busy with Cherry Blossom engagement and family photo sessions, newborns and wedding consults.  So, once the work was all taken care of, I soaked up every minute of family time, including dragging my husband to Lowes for yard work, arts and crafts with Jordan for Easter and even taking the puppy to the vet for “the surgery”.  I never thought that errands, housework, and art projects could make me so happy.  It’s crazy how the simple moments are the ones that I cherish the most with my family.  I mean I actually felt like an accomplished woman getting the laundry folded and fruit basket stocked.  #adulting
Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding PhotographerSo, of course, I woke up with a case of the Monday’s on this Tuesday, and I spent all day longing to see more of my babies’ faces at home.  After a long weekend snuggled up with my family, going back to the office is always bittersweet.  I couldn’t help but think about the sweet little grin on Tristan’s face as he searched for Easter eggs and found “CANDY!!”, and Jordan’s sassiness when I tried to get a least one good photograph of her.
Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer
Can you tell she hates to have her picture taken?  This is what they call Photographer’s Child Syndrome.  It burns me so, but at least she eventually warms up to the camera.  When I tell my clients I understand about unwilling participants for family portraits, I am speaking from personal experience.  🙂
Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer
Jordan may not be the child that bonds over my love for photography, but she loves art and can’t get enough of my last minute holiday projects.  Anything that involves painting is a win in her book.  She painted these inexpensive flower pots as gifts for the grandmas on Easter.  They were a big hit, and I’m pretty sure these would make a cute gift for Mother’s/Grandmother’s Day too.  (This is where you pin to Pinterest now, and have your child paint later. Hint. Hint.)
Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer

So, maybe this isn’t the most exciting post,  because I’m not jet setting around the world, but as a wife, mom, business owner and friend, having this time to recharge and dedicate time just to my family, is the best way to recharge for all those that depend on me.

How did you spend your Spring Break?  Did you get out to DC to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms?  Did you get a chance to reconnect with your loved ones or read a good book?

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