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Wedding Planning and Buying a House – A Personal Post

A cup of stale, cold coffee, an opened, warm Mountain Dew, my laptop and boxes that have been picked through.  That’s the extent of my office unpacking so far.  I’m actually pretty content with that progress even though I expected to be back to work full steam days ago.  The minutia of office work is therapeutic right now.  I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of daily life and business instead of consumed with “other stuff”.

In a lot of ways, buying a house is a lot like planning a wedding.  Both are major life events in your relationship, cost a crap load of money (excuse my frankness),  amazing experiences, but still really stressful, have random last minute expenses and bring out a side of you that makes you either love life or wonder when you morphed into Bridezilla, or in my case Buyzilla.  Through this whole process, I have been feeling some kind of way for my brides.  Ladies, I feel your pain AND your excitement.  I truly do.

Carla Lutz Photography Southern Maryland Virginia DC Wedding PhotographerCountless hours surfing the internet, planning, dreaming, second guessing every decision.  You feel me?  Then, falling in love with the “venue” to even experiencing the bumps along the way that make you cross the Bridezilla/Buyzilla line, because the alternative is crying or drowning yourself in wine or Ben & Jerry’s.  Well, ladies, I didn’t have a dress to fit into, but I’m not happy with these extra 7 lbs. from stress eating either.

Should we even talk about the budget? HA!  Did your original budget somehow start to creep up and up?  Okay, so maybe you didn’t have to pay for an unexpected replacement on the Invisible Fence, surprise leaky basement and broken AC unit, or even take out a loan.  However, I would venture to say your wedding is one of the largest financial commitments you have undertaken as a couple.  Learning to make compromises on what’s important for each of you is a good thing.  In a weird way narrowing down scallops wrapped with bacon appetizers vs. open bar is practice for compromising between the house with granite kitchen counters vs. the one with a two car garage.  Duh, you want both!  (haha and that’s how the budget crumbles)

My point is that things won’t always work out perfectly.  That’s just life, but how you handle those hiccups together as a team is what matters.  When things start to veer off track, just hug each other and remember being in that person’s arms at the end of the day is more important.  Your wedding day will be amazing.  The house can be repaired.

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