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Virginia Family Photographs on Sharks Tooth Island, The M Family

This gorgeous sunset family session took place a short boat ride away on Sharks Tooth Island close to the Northern Neck, Virginia.  It’s a place that holds so many fond memories for them over the summers and made the perfect setting for their family photographs.

How I wish we had someone photographing the behind the scenes shots.  We got to enjoy a boat ride over to the island and if you are wondering, “how in the world do they get to the island without getting in the water and ruining their nice outfits?”…one word, “ladder”.  haha  Pretty ingenious of them to come up with that idea, right?

We started this session off with me hanging back and letting them share in an activity they enjoy as a family: looking for shark’s teeth.  I think we have an archaeologist on our hands, because it didn’t take this little guy any time to find a few and proudly show them off.

Carla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerI seriously think he was looking forward to this pose.  It’s the second year I’ve captured their annual photos and this seems to be the trick on getting him excited about taking more pictures.  Me, I love it too.  There’s always one silly one in the bunch and I love that you can see everyone’s personality in this session.Carla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerCarla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerCarla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerCarla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerWith his big brother off to college now, I think his visits home are a time that he really looks forward to following him around.Carla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerCCarla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerAs we were getting husband and wife photographs taken, he looked over and realized the boat was going out with the tide.  So, of course the strong men went to save us from being stranded.  Carla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerSo, why not sneak in some gorgeous photographs for her husband while he’s pulling in a boat?  (Insert the whistling and cat calling.  Umm…hello beautiful, lady!)Carla Lutz Photography Virginia Family Photographer“I love your outfits!  Why don’t you all splash around in the water?”

Carla Lutz Photography Virginia Family PhotographerCarla Lutz Photography Virginia Family Photographer“We didn’t know we were making memories.  We just knew we were having fun.” – Unknown

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