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Running A Small Business – Confessions of a Girl Boss

Carla Lutz Photography Southern Maryland Wedding Photographer_0231Part of me is writing this for you and part is writing this for me…
When December came around I braced myself for the lull, the slow season through March, where days or even weeks would go by without any shooting.  I had my to-do list of marketing plans, and office “house keeping” that I would tackle during this time.  Oh and why not plan a styled shoot to get my creative juices flowing, and work with some of the wedding industries most talented vendors?  I got used to going to bed before 2am and most nights even before 10pm.  The sleep was glorious, but it didn’t last long.
I, too, was once guilty of believing the misconception that wedding photographers are slow during the “off season”.  So, now here I am 4 coffees in and officially done tackling the 684 emails I had in my inbox, many of those I can thank to the marketers of male enhancement pills.  haha
Maybe you’ve been putting in the overtime at your day job and it’s been tiring to keep up with those late nights for your dream job.  Quitting isn’t an option or even something you want to consider, but at what point will you see the light at the end of the tunnel?  Ummm…WHAT?  The light? The lull?  HECK NO!  This is the life you’ve been dreaming of!  Your business has taken off!  Your clients love you and want their friends to love you!  YOU ARE a mom, wife, sister, girlfriend, blogger, photographer, puppy trainer, best pizza orderer there ever was!  YOU ARE A #GIRLBOSS!
All your hard work will pay off!  The only thing in the way of achieving your dreams is YOU.  So, get down to business.  Write out your goals and don’t make excuses!  I’m cheering for you!

Carla Lutz Photography is a featured portrait and wedding photographer based in Southern Maryland, serving clients throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

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