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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Vacation Recap

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had 2 jobs, or juggled being a student and working full time. My parents are workaholics, too. So, It’s just always been a part of who I am to fill every spare minute with work.  This might not sound like a bad trait to have until you add raising a family to the mix.  When my kids grow up, what will they remember of their childhood and who I am as a mom?  Was I hardworking but present, mentally and physically, to their sports games, awards ceremonies and bedtimes? Or did I work so much that I didn’t exist in their best memories?  That’s why it was important to not wait until business slowed down or wedding season was over, to get away with my husband and children to unwind and have some much needed quality time.  So, we loaded up the car and headed off to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the week.  We enjoyed everyday to the fullest and as cliche as it sounds, I came home feeling like a whole new person, like someone hit the reset button.  {exhale}

Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer Myrtle Beach South CarolinaYou should know me better than to think that I would start the week off with a serious blog.  There’s always time for quick wit and my lame jokes, especially on Monday.  So, for your entertaining pleasure, here are some fun things I learned or was reminded while on vacation:

  • Naps are ah-mazing!  They’re not just for the kids but essential for adults too.  The next time you are on vacation, DO IT!
  • Having a place to rinse off after the beach is a necessity.  We loved our oceanfront balcony, but it was the outdoor shower that really made the price tag worth it.
  • No one cares what you look like in a bathing suit and they sure as heck don’t care if you show up in a one piece or a two piece…Not your kids, not your in-laws, not the people in the cabana next to you.  Have fun!  Screw the insecurities and enjoy life.
  • There’s a big difference in North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach.  Oops!  I guess that’s the last time they put me in charge of booking the room.Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • It’s next to impossible to fit 4 people into a photo booth.  I’ll share proof on Instagram later.  Make sure you’re following me here to see the shh-show.
  • I made it my personal goal that I would either potty train my son, or wean him off the pacifier during the month of July.  Guess what!  We did it!  Actually, he did it himself by accidentally dropping his last binky in the lake at Broadway on the Beach and watching the fish splash it around.  We warned him to be careful with it or he might lose it.  So, when it actually happened, his eyes got big and he was silent, while he watched it sink to its death.  Now, he is totally content telling people the fish ate it and not asking for it back.  Wooohoo!  Morale of the story: have something devastating happen to the pacifier to kick the habit. 😉
  • Take your kids on a lot of walks, on the beach, thru the city, even in your pajamas (if they look like real clothes).Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • Chivalry: you either portray this quality or you don’t.  At 3 years old, my son wrapped his arms around his big sister’s waist and moved her out of the way because “a car was coming”.  (Note: It was really far away, but we make a big deal about these things to prevent them from getting too close to moving cars.)  It was the cutest thing to watch.
  • Justin bathed our toddler more in one week than in this little boy’s lifetime.  lol He applied sunscreen a thousand times a day to both kids and cuddled them until they fell asleep or broke loose.  There really is nothing sexier, than a man being a great father.
  • If you take a week off of work, you are bound to lose new business.  Money is money, and you can always make more.  Being refreshed will serve your clients and business far better than being drained.
  • The best, most important thing you can do in life, is treasure the people that make it all worth living.

Carla Lutz Photography Maryland Wedding Photographer Myrtle Beach South CarolinaCarla Lutz is a featured portrait and wedding photographer based in Southern Maryland and documenting love stories across Maryland, DC and Virginia.  Areas include: Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Calvert County, Annapolis, Columbia, Ellicott City and beyond.  Now booking weddings for 2017.  For more details, email

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