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Kristen C Artistry Southern Maryland Wedding Hair and Makeup Vendor Feature

I met Kristen, with Kristen C. Artistry, after stalking her on Instagram and knew I just had to ask her to come into the studio to do hair and makeup for my boudoir clients.  Then seeing first hand how awesome and talented she was, it was an easy decision to hire her to do hair and makeup for my own family photographs.  While I would love to keep her on site hair and makeup services a secret and all to myself and Southern Maryland studio, she deserves mad props on how amazing she is!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a true Carla Lutz Photography Vendor Feature if I didn’t get super personal and awkward with Kristen over coffee.  So, I had to ask all the details on her own style, small business and love life.  As I am forever misplacing my makeup bag, I was dying to know how earth shattering would it be if she lost hers. I was floored to learn that it would cost over $200 to replace everything in her personal bag.  I have to give it to her because she looks flawless all day, while my cheap makeup barely stays on for a few hours.  This might be why I found myself staring across the table at her intently like we were on a romantic date.  haha In reality, I was studying her contouring and eye shadow application.

Like the best love stories, she shared that her journey becoming a cosmetologist and certified airbrush artist was something that fell into place, a career that found her while she was obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science.  Maybe that’s why she’s so easy to talk to.  She’s like a bartender, being so personable that she can calm down her clients’ nerves and butterflies before they get married or have boudoir photographs taken.  She has this great ability to make anyone sitting  in her makeup chair feel like she’s their new best friend.  What I love most about her talent is that it doesn’t matter if you are 25 years old or 75.  She listens to what you want whether it be super glam to a more natural look and asks about your own style to really tailor her services to you.  Ummm…did I mention that her makeup is AIRBRUSH?  Because it’s water based, it’s actually feels super lightweight while offering full coverage and lashes are included.  Ladies, these are a game changer for photographs!

Her beau, the love of her life, is her older sister’s best guy friend.  Call me cliche, but it’s like a movie where your true love is right there in front of you the whole time.  Then after all these years, you finally wake up one day and see all the signs were pointing to him.  It’s been a little more than two years since their wedding day, but she can still recall the moment she walked down the aisle: how beautiful and special she felt knowing that all the guests where there to celebrate and support their love.  For all of these reasons, she takes her role in your wedding day very serious and an honor.

Surprisingly, her services ARE super affordable and offered a la carte.  So, you can really get what’s most important to you, but you will need to book her early.  Kristen’s calendar actually books up over a year in advanced for wedding services!  On your big day, she provides a touch up/emergency kit that I can absolutely appreciate as a wedding photographer.  She wants to make sure you look amazing ALL DAY LONG, but I will say from my own experience with her services, my hair and makeup lasted all day.  When my boudoir clients leave the studio they always comment on how they need to make lunch plans or go on a date to show off their new look.

Our coffee date ended with an expected bonding experience as we sat on the side of the road helping a father and little boy who were just in a car accident.  No doubt she is talented and a beautiful person inside and out.

You can check out more of her work here or request to join my private ladies only boudoir group on Facebook here.

Carla Lutz Photography is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Southern Maryland, offering wedding services throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia and select Caribbean destinations.  For more details, email

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