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I Love My Shoes!!

Carla Lutz Photography Southern Maryland Wedding PhotographerWith two full time jobs and my little family, I have become the queen of outsourcing everything else to do with my personal life: house cleaning, Safeway grocery delivery and now shopping for clothes!  So, when the work day is over, I am free to run around at the playground with my babies or watch Netflix with the hubby.

So, I vaguely recall posts from another photographer on having a personal shopper, and I just thought it was too good to be true and probably way too expensive for my Target loving wallet.  Then finally, I during one of those late nights of editing and watching the hourglass spin while images downloaded, I read the fine print:

The abridged version, is that Stitch Fix is a service you can sign up for to have a personal shopper send you the types of clothing that fit your lifestyle, budget and personality.  You pay a $20 styling fee and they send you a package of clothing and accessories however often as you’d like.  You keep and pay for what you love and return what you don’t love using the prepaid return envelope.  Sounds simple, right?  The styling fee is applied toward your purchase and you get a hefty discount if you keep all of the items sent.

So, I figured why not try this out as a birthday present to myself.  I filled out my profile on Stitch Fix and in all honesty, pretty half ace.  It’s a pretty long process, but for good reason.  Since, I was half asleep I figured I’d click here and click there and write a little note that read, “I’m a wife, mom and Maryland wedding photographer.  Find me something that fits all of the above.  Good luck with that!” haha

I came home from the office one day, and there was an adorable box waiting on our doorstep.  Initially, I thought it was a birthday present, but quickly realized that it was my first package from Stitch Fix. Wooohooo! The fact that even the outside of the box looked pretty, and it was gently displayed against the door, instead of hidden under a doormat like the postal service typically leaves package, totally set my wallet up.  (I wonder if Stitch Fix slips the postman an extra $20 for being sweet with their boxes.)

Since I was only running into the house for a minute, I did the only logical thing and took my package with me on my errands!  I couldn’t contain my excitement and quickly ripped open the box, and it was love at first sight.  There inside were these sweet little black floral shoes in the softest material I had ever felt or tried on, and THEY WERE CUTE!  I mean so cute!  As I continued on my errands, I occasionally glanced over at them in the passenger seat and knew that if I only kept one thing from my Stitch Fix personal shopper, it would be these shoes.

Carla Lutz Photography Southern Maryland Wedding PhotographerMy excitement continued to get the best of me and I skipped dinner and rushed to try on the rest of the clothes.  Of course, between bites of his dinner, I forced Justin to take photos of me in each outfit to “really see if I liked it”.  Duh!  Of course, I liked the clothes.  They were better quality materials than I’ve ever picked out for myself.  I swear they had everything tailored to accentuate what I like most about my body and hide my love for junk food around the mid section.  I tried on a dress that I just knew would show my flaws and it fit PERFECT.  No joke, I looked about 10 pounds smaller.  KEEPER!  Of course, the prices aren’t displayed on the tags attached.  So, I later realized that beautiful, well made, perfectly tailored clothing did have a price tag slightly higher than what I would normally pay, but it was .

When it was all said and done, I loved 4 of the 5 pieces sent to me: 2 shirts, 1 pair of cute red cropped pants, black floral shoes, and a dress.  For all 5 pieces, with my $20 styling fee credit and a hefty discount for keeping everything, the total came to $168.  I actually decided to return two items in the prepaid envelope so I could keep some cash and try StitchFix again!  My personal shopper, Tara, sent a personal note that really showed how much attention she paid to my profile…a cute touch and something to make the clients feel special, and I totally bought into it. 🙂  Then with each piece of clothing sent, there was a little printed note card of how to dress up and down each wardrobe piece (think Pinterest, but printed out).  Ex. Pair the dress with a jean jacket or maybe a cute blazer.  They seriously thought of everything!  No guess work.  No mom brain to render me back into the extra baggy clothes that I feel safe in.

I know in my circle of friends we’ve all gone through or still endure the mom identity crisis on what to wear after having children.  Where do you even shop?  Are we still in the Junior’s Department that has cute clothing or now having to resort to the unknown Women’s Department?  How can I be trendy and still modest to push around a baby stroller all while not feeling frumpy?  Well, thank you Tara, from StitchFix!  I’ve only been a mom for 8 years and I finally have clothing to fit my life and my personality.

If you’re feeling compelled to try it out, here’s the link.  (Of course, they do reward me with each referral I send in the form of a $25 credit.  So, now we can look cute together.)

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