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GUIDE FOR THE BRIDE: Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget

Your wedding day is almost here and you are busy checking off final preparations.  One thing you may have overlooked is prepping for your photographs.  No, I don’t mean tanning or going to the gym.  I’m talking about gathering all those details you spent countless hours scouring Pinterest for inspiration.  Often times, brides plan to pull these items together while they are getting their hair and makeup done the morning of the wedding.  Let’s face it.  This is a time for you to relax.  Once the excitement and countless bags of makeup, hair products and luggage from your bridesmaids, mother and flower girls is all packed into your hotel room, finding your hairclips, garter and handkerchief can be a little more difficult.  Make it easy on yourself and pull the details you want photographed the night before. 

For all of my 2015 weddings, I have started giving out little bags to my brides with a reminder of things they should pull together.  Not only does this help avoid any anxiety for you as the bride when something can’t be found, but it will save your photographer(s) time looking for these items. Once we arrive, we see this familiar bag filled with beautiful details and know exactly what to get started photographing.

Guide for the Bride - Wedding Day Details You Don't Want to Forget

Guide for the Bride – Wedding Day Details You Don’t Want to Forget

Here are some helpful tips on what to have available for your photographer’s detailed shots:

For The Bride

1.     Dress – While this is an obvious item, you want to pay special attention to having it already removed from the garment bag and hanging on a wooden or custom hanger.  The plastic hangers the stores send you home with, won’t do your dress any justice in the photos.

2.     Shoes

3.     Purse

4.     Bouquets

5.     Garter

6.     Wedding Rings (His and Hers)

7.     Other Jewelry Pieces

8.     Hairclips, Veil, etc.

9.     Invitations – Pull together all elements of your stationery (Invites, Envelopes, Save The Dates, RSVP Cards, Custom Stamp, etc.

 For The Groom

1.     Suit Jacket – Again, you want to pay special attention to having it already removed from the garment bag and hanging on a wooden or custom hanger.

2.     Tie

3.     Suspenders

4.     Shoes

5.     Watch

6.     Cuff Links

Capturing these details really helps tell the story of your wedding day, especially when included in an album.  If you are exchanging letters or gifts and it’s being kept hush hush, feel free to let us in on that information and we will be as discreet as possible to include this in your photographs too.

If you are planning your wedding in Maryland, DC or Virginia and still looking for the perfect photographer, I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and chat with you.  Feel free to email me at for more details.  I have limited dates available for 2015 and currently booking for 2016 weddings.

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