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DIY Holiday Shelf – Wifey Wednesday

Let’s be honest, I’m slacking on the Wifey Wednesday posts.  It’s actually much harder to come up with embarrassing or heartfelt stories to share each and every week than I anticipated.  But today I’m here to brag about how awesome my hubby is and how he’s bringing the holiday cheer to our home with an easy DIY holiday mantle (shelf really) that only cost $30 and 1 hour of work.

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Until Justin and I started a family, I wasn’t much for Christmas.  In fact, you could say my excitement for the holidays was more like that of Ebenezer Scrooge.  But how can you deny the Christmas spirit when there are two little ones begging to decorate a tree and hang up stockings right after Halloween?!  The only problem is that we really didn’t have a place to hang our stockings.


So, we got wild on our Friday night and went to HomeGoods, Target and Lowes.  Man, the times have changed from happy hour on Fridays, huh?  Walking on the wild side, our night was spent looking for a fireplace, old mantle or even shelf that was long enough to hang our stockings.  Yes, we are old and this was really fun for us.  It was a total bust until we went to Lowes and I said we should just make something.  Without any plans or Pinterest ideas, we browsed the aisles and came up with this super easy shelf that’s perfect.

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I’m slacking on photographs of hubby actually putting it together or even a formal design, but I know you’ve got this!  So, here’s the shopping list you need:




(2) Pine Scroll Corner Brackets (These even have hardware on the back to easily hang shelf when finished.)

Pine Board 1x6x48


Wood Glue

2 Soft Cloths (Cloth Diaper or Wash Cloth)


Crown Moulding (for the trim)

Miter Box and Saw (for optional trim)


My husband is going to cringe at my craptastic explanation on how to do this, but I swear once you have the materials, you will laugh at how easy it is to put together.  🙂




  1. Glue each corner bracket onto the bottom of your pine board, making sure the bracket is lined up to sit flush on the wall when hung.
  2. We opted for moulding to add a nice finish to our shelf.  So, you’ll need a miter box and saw to cut 45 degree angles for each strip of moulding to fit together (48” strip for the front, (2) 6” pieces for each side).  This part is totally optional, but the miter box and saw were only an extra $10 and though I supervised, it looked pretty darn easy.
  3. Using a clean, soft cloth spread the stain evenly on the boards in long motions from one end of the board to the other.  Then, wipe off the wax with your other cloth in the same long motions. (Wax on.  Wax off. Bahahaha
  4. Let the stain and glue dry as directed.  Then you’re ready to hang and decorate.


This little shelf really made our holiday corner look so much cozier, and Jordan was so excited to see our stockings finally have a place in our home.  It’s crazy how something so minor really makes our house look more warm and inviting.  Props to my hubby!  Happy wife, happy life, right?


 iPhone Before/After Photos

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I’m already thinking up what fun things I can add to the shelf after the holidays.  Can you say “updated family photos”?  Oh yeah!


I’d love to see photos of your DIY shelf or how you’ve decorated this holiday season.  Feel free to email me at with any questions or photographs you’d like to share!


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