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Daddy & Me Photo Session in Southern Maryland

This was my second time photographing Natalia and let’s just say that there are few things that she dislikes more than my camera.  I love a challenge and absolutely adore her shyness.  It was a perfect opportunity to photograph real memories of her and her daddy enjoying an afternoon exploring this Southern Maryland farm.

NataliaandDaddy-3_WEBNataliaandDaddy-5_WEBNataliaandDaddy-10_WEBNataliaandDaddy-16_WEBNataliaandDaddy-22_WEBShe watched the animals so intently and I’m pretty sure she put the donkey in time out.  Her seriousness is absolutely adorable!

NataliaandDaddy-20_WEBWith a promise to play with bubbles and look at pretty flowers, daddy’s little girl was all smiles on their walk.NataliaandDaddy-33_WEBNataliaandDaddy-35_WEBNataliaandDaddy-39_WEBHey, Carla!  Look what my daddy taught me!  (This right here is what it’s all about.) NataliaandDaddy-46_WEBNataliaandDaddy-44_WEBWhen I say that I love to capture real, candid memories, this is a perfect example of why I love shooting this style.  I’m not a super posed, every detail must be perfect photographer.  I’m a portrait and lifestyle photographer.  This is life.  This is real love between a little girl and her daddy and I didn’t even exist to her that day.  When she grows up, she will look back on these photographs and wonder about that day on the farm with just her and her Daddy.

If you’d like to schedule a portrait session, contact me at  I’d love to chat with you and plan a session photographing your family’s favorite activities together.  Real life.  Real love.

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